Promote yourself and your brand on LinkedIn

We will create a promotion strategy on the business world’s No. 1 social platform and automate communication with your business partners.

Dmitriy Strelets
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I tested the hypotheses. I send analysis and suggestions for improvement.

Artificial intelligence with expert supervision

NOAH is an agency that works side-by-side with AI technology. This doesn’t mean that every task is performed by a computer, but rather that it helps improve and complement what was already carefully hand-crafted by our team of marketers, designers, and copywriters.

We trust our technology:

  • To collect insights from public sources

  • To compile bases for mailing invitations

  • To send invitations and messages on LinkedIn

  • To book online meetings with leads on Calendly

  • To analyze strategies and suggest improvements

Our team is constantly training the neural network to get smarter, faster, and better at producing the perfect results for our clients

  • up to 1480

    invitations per month instead of the standard 300

  • ~ 15%

    accepted invitations up to 450 contacts within the first month

  • + 45%

    content visibility through invitations and content strategy

  • 0х

    faster lead generating speed thanks to the automation process

Why we place our bets on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 900 million registered users, with 4 out of 5 of them being key business decision makers

77% of marketers surveyed say LinkedIn is the best platform for generating organic traffic

82% of B2B marketers surveyed claim that LinkedIn gives them the best results, and 40% say the social network bring them the highest quality leads

A well-designed and thorough profile already yields +30% more content views

At NOAH, we know the best ways to promote yourself and your business on LinkedIn, so we are confident we can promise great results.

Opportunity flow through clear 🎯 positioning

Even the most innovative product isn’t easy to launch without a well-thought-out brand, so before you start, we recommend laying out the groundwork for your project by unpacking your brand values and communicating them, in English, on your LinkedIn profile.

Hakim Litvinov
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General information

Together with the incredible Choose Few team, I create IT solutions for the largest marketing agencies.


How we build your LinkedIn image

We gather and analyze information about you and your project, with our technology helping to catch any details that might escape the human eye.

We choose a target audience that is truly interested in your product or service.

We spell out your brand values, the uniqueness of the selling proposition, and the features of your business.

We develop a unique voice for you and/or your brand and build a LinkedIn profile around that.

We create memorable visuals and photos for your project.


Let us tell you if your profile can get the attention you need

Book a consultation — our marketers will analyze your case for free and create a tentative LinkedIn promotion strategy.

Artificial technology 🤖 takes over

Once all the creative aspects are ready, our technology gets to work.


Making a contact base that will be used to send out invites and is based on the portrait of the target audience


Providing A/B testing of invitation texts and picks the most effective ones


Sending out up to 1500 invites per month, about five times the standard amount


Closing leads and booking online appointments on Calendly, saving you time and energy

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NOAH is the result of many years of hard work: I put all my entrepreneurial experience into this agency and supplement that with unique technology that brings every detail to perfection. NOAH’s strategies are a powerful tool to attract money and to network, I am thoroughly confident in this.

Zakhar Shatrov

founder of the company and of the largest Russian-speaking business community in the MENA region

Our approach to achieving results

  • Personal brands
  • Company brands
linkedin Leonid Dovbenko

founder of Yalla!Market and Yalla!Hub
  • Objective:

    Build a personal brand, become recognized as an expert, and attract investment in the MIddle East

  • Package:

    Generating Leads and Referrals, PR and Reputation

  • Result:

    Leonid increased his business network by 231% and content visibility by 73%, and closed the first round of investment for Yalla!Hub after just 2 months with NOAH

linkedin Sam Trofimov

Founder of the self-service coffee shop franchise KofeLift
  • Objective:

    Build a personal brand to attract investors and help employees with expanding KofeLift

  • Package:

    Generating Leads and Referrals, PR and Reputatio

  • Result:

    Key partners reached out to Sam on their own after only 3 months of working with NOAH. The number of KofeLift vending machines in the U.S. and Europe has since increased by 18%

linkedin Andrei Timoshin

Founder of Single Broker — a financial solution combining a brokerage service and trading platform for traders and investors of all levels
  • Objective:

    Founder of Single Broker — a financial solution combining a brokerage service and trading platform for traders and investors of all levels

  • Package:

    Generating Leads and Referrals, PR and Reputation

  • Result:

    Owing to the right positioning of Andrei and his company, 4.5% of invitations sent started negotiations with potential investors

linkedin Myffin

FinTech company for expats in the process of adapting to new job markets
  • Objective:

    Attract investments in the Middle East

  • Package:

    Generating Leads and Referrals

  • Result:

    3 employees saw 5.5% of invitations sent converted into current Myffin partners

linkedin Yalla!Market и Yalla!Hub

Dubai-based grocery delivery service
  • Objective:

    Expand the chain and launch business in Saudi Arabia

  • Package:

    Generating Leads and Referrals

  • Result:

    Within 2 months of working with NOAH, 5 employees found more than 15 potential partners interested in expanding the chain

DIfferent objectives - Different packages

One-time service

Unpacking: Personal or Corporate Brand

from 2000 $ *

Ideal for new companies and aspiring entrepreneurs who haven’t yet worked out their positioning

What’s included in the package:
  • Get to know the brand and the current situation
  • Analyze the competition
  • Unpack the values and uniqueness
  • Develop positioning
  • Locate the target audience
  • Shape motivation and the mission
  • Choose narration and visual styles
  • Create the brand platform from gathered insights
Monthly Subscription

Generating Leads and Referrals

from 650 $ *

Suitable for companies, employees, and entrepreneurs who know their brand values and want to try a new channel to generate leads

What’s included in the package:
  • Build an invitation base
  • Create several versions of messages
  • Run A/B testing of the messages
  • Launch automatic distribution
  • Increase the number of invites
  • Connect your CRM system
  • Automate online appointment booking
  • Send monthly reports with analytics
* — Receive a discount of up to 15% for connecting several profiles simultaneously
Monthly Subscription

PR and Reputation

from 850 $ *

Perfect for those who successfully sell their goods and services but want to take it to the next level by attracting business partners through the image of an expert

What’s included in the package:
  • Work out your content strategy
  • Lay out rubrics for content
  • Develop a monthly content plan
  • Write 12 expert posts per month
  • Develop communication with opinion leaders
  • Work on infoways
  • Participate in niche conversations on LinkedIn
  • Send monthly reports with analytics
* — Receive a discount of up to 10% for signing up for 3 months or more

All plans come with a personal
account manager who is there to help you at each and every stage of the promotion process. The manager will properly communicate your every wish and need with the team, guaranteeing that your desired goals will be met.

Manager: Alina

Diana, hello!
Sending your strategy

Enhance expertise Increase profits Attract investment Meet opinion leaders Attract leads Increase profits Bring in clients and partners Increase visibility Bring in clients and partners Enhance expertise

We can personalize our packages to meet your needs by adding or removing various services or combining packages

Make an appointment for a free consultation now and we will discuss the best promotion strategy for you and how our services will enable you to get the exposure you need to be the best in your field